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ABATE District 12 (Mid-South) Arkansas

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If I am not on my GL1800 on the road!!
I like to be in my boat!!


Going to Eureka Springs?? Check out this
Web-site They would love to see ya!!


This Web-Site is in Memory of Roy "Renegade" Dial
Sept.6-1957 - July 21-2001

(Never ride faster than your guardian angel can fly)
                                                               * Roy Dial *

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This Flathead came from Cane Creek Lake Star City

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War Paint !

Remember "9-11-2001"

A tribute to America,

Click here for A Tribute to America,
and to all of our fallen Friends, Neighbors, Brothers, Sisters,

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This Website Started 8-26-01 Last updated 12-25-09

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This website by David Collins
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